A droll story in three acts by Erich Koch | edited by Johannes Tarmastin  Performance-language: GERMAN

Josefa's farm is quite quiet. Men are not welcome there, her nieces Lena and Irma keep them away with the delicious smell o the stable. The livestock dealer "Kuno" not only wants to get his cattle, but also his daughter Anni, which doesn't always seems to be so easy. When a strong thunderstorm approaches, thanks to Josefa's kindness, Kuno, Anni, the resolutue neighbor Zenzi as well as Franz, Johann and ultimately also the "Hühnertoni" finds shelter there. At first, the vigilant Josefa, always armed with a pitchfork and schnapps, cannot believe that things can get pretty wild when men are not allowed at court. But when Anni and her "Hühnertoni" as well as Franz and Johann come up with something very special with Josefa's nieces, the seductive fate begins. The fact that love always prevails in the end and that Josefa also regains her sanity, is not only caused from the thunderstorm, but also to Zenzi, who, thanks to her seduction skills, has found a suitable replacement for her dead rooster and her missing servant in Kuno.

O Elend, o Not!
Johannes Tarmastin


Johannes Tarmastin can draw on over 20 years of experience in the field of acting. He directed numerous performances (Theaterzentrum Deutschlandsberg), had his own cabaret program (e.g. "Erna and Luis" - on a secret mission"), is a proven presenter at events and festivals and enjoys sharing his skills in workshops with intrested children, youngsters and adults. In 2005 Johannes won the "Römer-Kleinkunstpreis" and over the course of his acting career he has appeared not only in TV commercials, also in series and films such as "Tschuschen:Power", "Bruderliebe" and "Heile Welt". With the improvisation theater group "Systemrelevant" he also regulary performs on various stages.